Daily Android Game: Army of Darkness Defense



Army of Darkness Defense is a casual side-scrolling defense game where the main goal is to survive as many waves of various vicious enemies as possible. Brought to you and me by Backflip Studios, there’s no doubt it is a really good game and our judgement does not differ by nearly as much as you may think.

As I mentioned above, Army of Darkness is a defense-based game, but it actually falls into the side-scrolling type of games. Your main character, Ash Williams the time-traveler, must fulfill his goal of fighting the evil in various historic environments and this time he is helped by many of his allies, such as swordsmen, armored knights and many more.


The controls in this game are simple but effective. To move left or right, it’s only needed to tap on the respective part on the screen. There are a couple of buttons that have their own functions, then there’s the progress and health bar at the top and basically that’s it. It’s quite a neatly organized playing environment. It’s important to note that the character automatically shoots an enemy when one comes close enough.

Apart from Ash’s original ability to shoot enemies, there are also a couple of other, special ones, like a mega blast at enemies or throwing a magic book at them which will suck them all in. There are also your allies, which help you in battles and make your chances of surviving the wave bigger. Also, with each passed wave, the game becomes harder and your enemies stronger. If by any chance your health reaches zero or the evils break in the castle, the game is over.