Leak: Sony Xperia SP (C530X) seen alongside Xperia V


Sony Xperia SP C530X vs Xperia V

Images of the upcoming Sony Xperia phone labeled “HuaShan” have already been leaked. Today, further images were leaked of the new phone next to an Xperia V.

The new Sony mid-range smartphone is likely to be released at MWC ’13 at the end of the month in┬áBarcelona. Although details of this are still sketchy, photos of the new phone have been leaked next to an Xperia V showing some tantalising similarities.

The most intriguing of note is the slightly larger screen of the SP. Photos show that it is sporting a 4.5″ display, which is slightly larger than the Xperia V, with a resolution of 1280×720. Despite this, however, the size difference of both products are minimal. Credence to these images have been added by the fact the SP clearly shows a side mounted power button, now a common feature with new Sony Phones.