Qualcomm’s CMO claims Snapdragon beats Nvidia in terms of graphics performance


Snapdraon vs Tegra

Snapdragon S4 Pro is better, faster than the commercially shipping Tegra 3” said Anand Chandrasekher, Qualcomm‘s Chief marketing officer.

Whether is there some truth in that statement remains to be debated but its seems like Qualcomm is doing a little bit of damage control or some bashing as would any other rival especially when they’re all engaged in a ferocious smartphone SoC battle.

Right now the quad core market is dominated by Nvidia’s Tegra 3 SoC which is found in almost all tablets, from budget friendly 7-inchers like the Nexus 7 to more beefy beasts from the Transformer Prime series. Manufacturers have long sided with Nvidia for their SoCs which have a particularly good power efficiency and performance balance with the 4+1 core combination. However Qualcomm doesn’t seem to appreciate that, for the most part the CMO asserted that their own platform easily trashed Nvidia’s Tegra 3 SoC in most benchmark test according to him.

On benchmarks published by Anantech, S4 Pro is twice as fast than the fastest Tegra processor commercially available

One thing that he doesn’t probably know is that synthetic benchmarks are nothing than just how the hardware reacted to a specific battery of tests, those numbers never actually translate into real life performance. It’s not like that you’d be seeing a a visual difference, few milliseconds or even a smaller time factor will obviously never produce any performance difference. He also went that far, claiming that Qualcomm‘s Snapdragon 600 would easily crush Tegra 4. That remains to be seen but it seems unlikely since the Tegra 4 has around the same perf0rmance level as the 3rd generation iPad GPU. Qualcomm must be high or they could possibly prepping something that outperforms those two while improving battery life.

So, we clean Tegra 4′s clock. There’s nothing in Tegra 4 that we looked at and that looks interesting. Tegra 4 frankly, looks a lot like what we already have in S4 Pro.

Clearly he knows nothing about Tegra 4 or how it managed to be the fastest SoC at the time of its introduction. Nvidia can’t be wrong on this, especially when they’re the makers of the popular Geforce Series which currently holds a major share of the desktop GPUs alongside AMD. Nvidia’s technology cannot be put into question, they just have more experience in that domain and claiming otherwise or even bashing them on the sole basis of promoting something far inferior is more than foolish, such a thing was expected from a Qualcomm which has barely even a major share of today’s quad core market. It appears that they just want to secure a portion of the worldwide share by juts doing some product bashing instead of showing us how things are done.

The Adreno series is technologically superior than even Tegra 4 (mainly due to their unified shaders) but Nvidia still holds mobile gaming firmly and that won’t change anytime soon, Nvidia has the Trega Zone with Tegra-optimized games. That’s simply something that Qualcomm doesn’t have at this moment nor will it in the foreseeable future.

It still seems unlikely that major manufactures would massively ever adopt