LG Mobile teases to unveil new smartphone series at MWC


LG Mobile teaser for MWC2013

Now that we are only a couple of weeks away from Mobile World Congress 2013, LG Mobile is focusing more on its press event where according to the latest teaser posted on its official Facebook page will unveil a new Android smartphone series. LG posted an image that looks like a present box wrapped up with a nice red ribbon which says “New series will be unveiled.”

Looking back at MWC 2012 where LG introduced the L-style series along with some Optimus devices, we are thinking that LG Optimus G Pro will definitely be there, however we have no clue yet to what the new series is. No leaks about that, at least not yet, however there’s still plenty of time until February 25th when MWC 2013 starts.

So what do you think, what is this new series that LG talks about?