Daily Android App: Wunderlist ToDo Manager


For today’s review, I wanted to continue my ToDo app showdown with Wunderlist by 6Wunderkinder. The reason why there has been a delay in my review of this app is because I heard that they were about to release an update for Tablets, and as all the other apps have been tested on my Nexus 7, this had to wait till the update arrived to make a fair and impartial review. First, these are the specifications I had for the app:

  1. An attractive and easy to use interface. This may seem silly, but a boring or dull interface isn’t going to make me want to use the app, so if it’s attractive, I will be more likely to use it. Ease of use is also a must. I don’t want to take five minutes to add a task.
  2. Cloud synching/online backup. The last thing I want is to lose all my tasks if I lose my phone.
  3. Compatible with third-party apps or have a desktop program. In this day, people use more than one device to access their email, texts and twitter feeds. ToDo‘s, to be useful, should be the same. We’ve all had that moment when we think of something but don’t have our ToDo list to hand.
  4. Free to use. I don’t want to be paying a monthly subscription to have to use a service. Ideally, I’d like the app to be free too, or at least a reasonable price (under £2.00/$3/€2.50)
  5. Collaborative lists. Living with a young family with lots of appointments and tasks to complete, collaborative lists are a useful feature. My wife can make a list of chores she wants me to do and they will alert me when they need doing. If she texts me, tells me over the phone or first thing, I can guarantee I will forget before I put the phone down. With an app on my phone to remind me, this is much less likely.

So, on to the review:

1- Interface:

The recently update app now supports Tablets as shown above.
The recently update app now supports Tablets as shown above.

Wunderlist’s interface is certainly attractive and makes for a pleasant visual experience. The background of the app is customisable in the settings, although only with designs that they choose so as to ensure that the tasks don’t get lost in a busy background. Swiping left will slide the task pane to one side and show you the lists you have created (some are already created for you). From the Tasks pane, you can click on a task already created to enter the details screen. This will allow you to set a due date and reminder, subtasks and any notes you wish to add.

Wunderlist doesn’t have tags, and ToDo‘s can only truly belong to one list, so in this sense, it doesn’t fully comply with Get Things Done rules, but it is a very effective organiser nonetheless. The app comes with a very good Widget which allows you to add tasks, complete tasks and look at all your lists separately without opening the app.

2 – Synching:

Upon first opening the app, you will be asked to log in or create an account. You are not obligated to use the app, however you will not sync with Wunderkinder’s servers if you don’t and will therefore loose all tasks if you loose the phone. Signing up is easy and once you have, you will sync all tasks, lists and notes with the cloud.

Upon releasing version 2 of their app, 6Wunderkinder had a server meltdown from the sudden influx of people signing up and trying to use the app. Fortunately, their Twitter account was very helpful in answering questions and keeping users up to date. This has continued since the servers have been rebuilt (no one lost any data to my knowledge) and updates often come about planned downtime along with tips and tricks.

3 – Third party apps:

Wunderlist is not compatible with any third-party apps, however they do have a very robust online service accessible through a web browser, mobile apps for Android and iPhone, as well as desktop apps available for Windows and Mac via either download from their website, or from the Mac App sore.

4 – Pricing:

Wunderlist is completely free to download and use. There used to be a paid service, but they closed it down and transferred all the features into the free app, making this service a real bargain.

5 – Collaboration:

Wunderlist allows you to invite people to share lists with you. There are no limits to how many per list, so this would be a suitable app for businesses as well. You can even find people to share with via Facebook, which seems an interesting sharing option. Otherwise, the contact can be found via the phones’ contact app or by simply typing in the email address.

If you connect with Facebook (you can also log on via facebook) you can find your friends to share lists with.

If you connect with Facebook (you can also log on via facebook) you can find your friends to share lists with.



I like Wunderlist as it is a great app, well-built with plenty of decent features to help maintain your lists and tasks. The free price tag of the service makes this a great app to use. The only downside, for me, is that there are no tags or similar features at all. Although this isn’t a major deal for some, it does let the app down a little in the eyes of any true GTD’er. If this is added in a future release, I would be all the happier. 

There will be one more Review before I write-up the conclusion and tell you which one won my ToDo Showdown.

Wunderlist is available for free in the Google Play Store.