Daily Android App: Carbon for Twitter


Carbon for Twitter

I am a massive Twitter fan and user. I use it to keep in contact with news, friends and research. I have made new friends who share my disability and whom I speak to on a daily basis for support and contact. When I moved from iOS to Android, one of my biggest concerns were finding a decent Twitter app. On iOS I used Tweetbot which was excellent. Sadly, Tapbots only develop for iOS, so I was giving up a great app I was going to miss. I asked around on Twitter and Reddit, and flitted around for a bit. One of the most recommendedapps was Carbon, even though it had never been released. It appeared to have a massive fan base already and it hadn’t even been released yet.

Last night, the makers – Dots & lines – announced the launch on Google +, so I grabbed a copy to try it out.

Clever tricks:

On first opening the app, it appears very clean and with little fuss about the UI. There is only one theme in black. There is a visible bar at the bottom of the screen with a minimalist design of a plus button to the left (to add a new tweet), your profile picture in the middle, and the three dots for the menu.

This is the main timeline screen