Android and iOS amount for record global marketshare of 92%


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Android and iOS hold 92% of the global smartphone shipments, a record. The total smartphone shipments, have grown 38% to 217 milion units in Q4 of 2012. The total shipment of phones last year has also increased with 43% to 700.1 milion units from 490.5 milion units in 2011.

Android‘s marketshare has increased from 51% to 70%, leaving all other platforms behind. iOS on the other hand, saw it’s marketshare drop slightly from 24% to 22%.

android and ios hold 92 percent of the smartphone market

Android is on top now, but with Windows Phone 8, Blackberry 10, Firefox OS, Ubuntu for Phones and Tizen all coming, Android has to do their best to stay on the top in 2013.