Daily Android App: Fresh Leaves Live Wallpaper



Fresh Leaves Live Wallpaper is a really nice and colorful live wallpaper that will literally put your phone to life. It’s calming colors, many different environments and life-like particles and physics are able to transform your device in a real tree garden.

Fresh Leaves, as the title suggests, is a wallpaper that indeed shows you a couple of moving leaves, a colorful background behind them and some particles flying in and out of the screen. It may sound simple, however, when all of them are synchronized, they provide a whole new experience that few others can achieve.


This wallpaper can be customized to the point when in the end it would be possible to end up with countless combinations. It comes with a number of predefined themes, but it’s more fun to customize the wallpaper by yourself. There are many options that can be configured, including the background type and movement speed, type of leaves, wind speed, whether there are particles on the screen or not, the ambient can also be customized to your preference etc. And, of course, it’s not a real live <