Star Trek Into Darkness official app launched on Play Store


Star Trek Into Darkness official android app

Needless to say that the next Star Trek blockbuster movieStar Trek Into Darkness has its premiere on May 17th which is almost three months from now. I know some of you are growing impatient to see it, but in the meantime we got other great news for you! The official app of the movie is out on Google Play Store and it has some great and exclusive content for fans to uncover.

Get Paramount Digital Entertainment’s Star Trek Into Darkness official app for free at Play store (for some weird reason the app is available to US users only).


  1. It is only available to the US because Qualcomm is helping power the app, when I was at CES2013 the app was shown and the point of it was to do missions and rank up which would allow you to unlock content check out the ces 2013 Qualcomm keynote its towards the end.


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