White Google Nexus 4 caught on camera?


white google nexus 4 lg-e980

Last year when Google introduced the Nexus 4 smartphone the world sighed hearing that it wont sport 4G connectivity. Fifteen days ago PocketDroid reported about a mysterious LG E-980 which went through Bluetooth certification and which we suspect it is the Nexus 4 with LTE implementation.  It kinda make sense for Google and LG to launch a LTE variant as the world is moving towards full 4G coverage.

A White Nexus 4 unit has been spotted in the wild by an annonymous tipster who sent the above image to PhoneArena. Judging from what we have here it looks like a legit Nexus 4 unit, altough it could be a hoax, which is why we advise to take this with a grain of salt.

via PhoneArena