Carbon Backup hits Google Play Store



Carbon, developer Koushik Dutta‘s backup app finally hit the PlayStore. This is awesome. Last weeks Koush showed a lot on G+, posting beta’s and listening carefully to the comments. Now the app has grown beyond beta and is available in Google Play Store. What’s this awesome about Carbon?

First of all, Carbon does NOT require root. Before Carbon, backup apps required root most of the time. When you have a rooted device, simply install the app and you’re done. In case you don’t have a rooted device – you simply install a Carbon Desktop on your pc. When you use Carbon properly, it will be a very nice tool to backup your apps and data to your SD card, or to cloud services like Dropbox, Box and Google Drive. You can perform manual backups and scheduled backups as well.

Carbon is a nice product that completes Koush’s resumé, including ROMmanager and DeskSMS, even more. Try it for yourself, when you’re on Android 4.0 and up. Only Motorola devices are excluded, due to a bug in the Motorola system.

Update: on Twitter, Koush told that this version is to test Play Store related issues. Keep posted for more news and a review later on.

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