Daily Android App: DiskUsage (take a closer look at your data)


diskusage_PlayStoreDiskUsage is a small app that lets you view large things. It’s only 155kB and free, so why bother to give it a try? With DiskUsage you can view your App Storage and your SD card, and when you have root access, you can take a look deep into your system files. Interesting!

Why do you want to view all this? First of all, it’s just fun to look at the build up of all your data. The main reason why DiskUsage is developed, is to provide in a way to find files and directories which consumeĀ  a lot of space. DiskUsage even lets you delete files.

The design is very minimal but just enough. At start up, you can choose what to view: App Storage, SD Card or [Root required]. Pressing either choise opens an info graphic of the content, with the largest folders / apps on the left side, to the smallest at the far right. You can pinch to zoom to view every detailed file, or just tap a cluster to zoom automatically.

The screenshot show the info graphics. DiskUsage clearly shows that my data is 260MB and my System 160MB, which isn’t stock Nexus One. I used Blackrose to flash a custom H-Boot and to repartition my internal storage. Now I have enough System to run my favorite CM7 Skank and a ‘huge’ 260MB for apps. What secret can DiskUsage unveil for you?