Breaking: Sony Xperia C5303 codename HuaShan shown in first images


Sony Xperia C5303 codename HuaSan (1)

Back in December 2012 an unknown Sony Xperia device appeared in a benchmark. The codename of the device is HuaShan, the name of a holy mountain in China, one of the Five Sacred Mountains. In terms of Android, it is to become a midrange phone.

This Xperia will be powered by a 1.7GHz processor. It’s not sure this will be a Quad Core, since it is mid-range. It will run Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2. The design is similar to the design of the Xperia Z, it might be a little smaller. The images show a Xperia Z like power button, which may very well be trademarked. Such design elements are to be kept precious branded. There is also a volume rocker above the volume button and a third button beneath on the side.

Though the pictures are breaking, no further news can be given. We’ll just have to wait till next month.

photo credit to MisterXperia


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