Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 purported images surface



In the mobile world the rumor has it that Samsung Electronics is about to unveil its third generation of GALAXY Tab handsets at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month. Samsung likely to hold a press event one day before MWC2013 will begin where we are supposed to witness the official launch of the new GALAXY Tab 3 7.0″ and GALAXY Tab 3 10.1.

As the gossip balloon inflates which each day passing, the first real images of an allegedly GALAXY Tab 3 have emerged early this morning.¬†Folks at PhoneArena received a couple of images which show off GALAXY Tab 3 branding on a Samsung tablet package and a glimpse of the “actual” tablet. Because the images are so blurry we cant really tell if they are legit or not, however there is specific pattern in the design of the box which leads us to think they could be real.

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