Nexus 7 Official Dock Finally Shipping via Amazon


google nexus 7 tablet dockThe infamous Nexus 7 dock station have been known to exist since the launch of the popular 7-inch tablet, but where on the world is it? We had already had some reports in the past of the dock being shipped, but in the end, they all turned out false positives. Today, however, we got a real offering of a Nexus 7 dock, and it’s coming from an Amazon merchant.

EXCaliberPC, a top-ranked Amazon merchant, is offering the dock for $50 with free shipping. If you paid attention to older rumors, you may know that the accessory was priced at $40, but that didn’t include the shipping, which means you would paid just about the same money, depending on where you live. It’s worth mentioning that the product has received all-positive ratings, proving it’s not a scam.

By far this is the best option if you are about to get a dock for your Nexus 7. The dock itself features a microUSB charging port and a 3,5mm headphone jack. It’s a beautifully crafted little accessory, all made of plastic, with Nexus branding on the front. Visit the source link to proceed to Amazon’s website where you can find the dock.