Unlocking cellphones becomes illegal in the U.S.



The U.S., one of the brightest countries in the world when it comes to technology but undoubtedly one of the dumbest and most restrictive country ever when it comes to cellular connectivity. What this means? It means that starting today it is against the law to free your mobile device from the network that is locked on.

A final rule issued in late October by the Library of Congress has ruled out that unlocking cellphones would no longer be allowed hence forcing every single person in the U.S to buy carrier-locked devices. This essentially means that whoever buys a carrier-specific device from X carrier will be unable to use it on Y carrier. This move is stupid, probably one of the most illogical thing ever passed by the Congress. For many users, unlocking a phone is a necessary fix, opening up a feature and freedom that people need to effectively use their devices. But it’s not what the Congress/Carriers want. Money is more important to them than the freedom of their customers.

This is comparable to renting or leasing an apartment or similar, theoretically, if you’re on a contract/subsidized phone, you do not and cannot own the phone unless the carrier agrees to waive their ownership. Therefore you have no right to modify the phone just like you can’t remodel an apartment even if your lease is up.

Yes, the analogy may be flawed, but it is as accurate as any other theory or justification for this stupidity, especially when the whole country is ruled by ‘dictator-like’ carriers who would even have customers use their crapware bundled carrier devices. Funny how there are so many SIII versions for their xyz carriers when the rest of the world have the i9300/i9305 which are totally unlocked.

It’s worth noting that the ruling upheld protection for rooting and jailbreaking, and doesn’t apply to phones purchased before tomorrow or used devices.

There’s no word yet on what kinds of punishment will be given out if you are caught unlocking a smartphone starting on Saturday. More details shall emerge soon.

via Mashable