Daily Android Game: Puzzles with Matches



Puzzles with Matches is a great puzzler, which represents the latest generation of match puzzles. The concept is simple, but there’s no doubt it will put your brain skills and patience to the limit.

This game is just another version of the classic one, though there’s nothing really new to add to the well-established original concept. The goal here is to move around matches, add some more, or even remove some in order to complete a level. Sounds easy? Sorry to disappoint you, but for the most of the part, this game is actually very hard and challenging. If you are that type of player who doesn’t want to strain his brain to complete a simple puzzle, you should probably pass this one, but for about anyone else, this is a great must-have challenge.


The amount of levels in this game is huge. Basically, there are two level packs that represent two types of games. One is coupled with levels in which you have to move, add or remove matches in order to get a certain shape and therefore win while the other level pack requires you to move a certain number of matches in order to get a correct equation. In both types of levels, it’s needed to use all of the available matches and not to end up with some unused ones.



If you ever get stuck on a level, for each one there’s a given solution that can be accessed at any time.


There’s not much to talk about for the user interface. It’s as simple as it gets, with reasonably good graphics and no sounds whatsoever. It’s nicely optimized and runs on older hardware as well. All in all, it’s a very lightweight game that doesn’t require great processing power and will certainly not eat up your battery quickly even after continuous long use.

Puzzles with Matches is a free game on the Google Play Store.

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