Google might be working on a Nexus SmartWatch


Concept Of A Google Watch

We all love when technology enhances our lives. At the CES this year, we saw Android integrated in an oven. Would you love Google even more if it adds a flavor of Android in its own-made watch?

Yes, you read it right. There are rumors being heard of a Google SmartWatch. We have already seen Google working in other departments than smartphones by introducing Google Glasses at Google I/O 2012, so these rumours of a Google watch don’t seem unbelievable. Also, they have obtained patents for a Google Glass-type watch which makes it all more interesting. Just to remind you guys,  Google I/O is from May 15 to May 17 this year. So, we might just see a preview of a ‘Nexus’ watch.

This year might just be a year for the SmartWatches. We have already seen many smartwatch companies release their products (I’m Watch, Pebble) at the CES this year. Will Google challenge them?  That’s a million dollar question!

No news are confirmed as of right now so we’ll have to wait and watch for the ‘watch’ but Google definitely seems up to something. Can this be a start to the wearable technology and SmartWatches replacing the SmartPhones?  As always we would love to hear your thoughts down below.