Intel & Kenya’s Safaricom introduce the Android-powered Yolo smartphone



Intel is finally make a push in developing countries by introducing the x86 Atom-based Yolo smartphone, making technology and communication accessible to all at a reasonable price.

Both companies unveiled the new device at an even in Nairobi, this launch makes Yolo the first commercial device to run on Intel’s Lexington platform, which was announced at CES earlier this month. The Intel Yolo smartphone is a classic midrange Android device & will also be the very first Intel-powered smartphone on the continent. At it’s heart is a Intel® Atom™ processor Z2420 clocking at 1.2GHz accompanied by the PowerVR SGX540 graphics, 512MB of ram all powered by a 1500 mAh battery.

The display is obviously not one of those high quality ones found on mainstream devices but a HVGA display of 3.5-inches shall do the job. It can natively encode and decode 1080p video, and supports HSPA+ data speeds. At first glance it may seem like nothing revolutionary since it packs the old Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich but an update will very likely be released later.

“We’re redefining what cost-conscious Kenyans can expect from a smartphone,” said Peter Arina, general manager, Safaricom’ s Consumer Business Unit. “The Intel-based Yolo smartphone strikes a unique balance between price and performance – we consider it to be a real breakthrough. It’s great news that Kenya will be the launch country in Africa for smartphones with Intel Inside and we expect a great reception from our customers.”

The Yolo will be priced at surprising low price of Kshs 10,999 (equals to around $126) and will come with an internet data package of 500MB.