Android Game Review: Temple Run 2



Temple Run was a enormous success in its launch day and is still one of the most downloaded games on the Google Play Store. However, the time has come for it to retire, as it has been here for quite some time now. It was no secret that the Imangi Studios had been doing quite a hard work recently in order to bring us a true sequel of the original, but now here it is: Temple Run 2 is now officially launched on the Google Play Store and it aims on becoming a worthy successor of the old one and even beat it in its own game.


It’s quite obvious that Temple Run 2 carries some of the same DNA as its predecessor, but we can clearly say it has evolved much more than anyone had expected. Firstly, it has brought us new graphics, beautiful new environments, new abilities and power-ups and much more things that are covered further in this topic.

As in the other two games, the goal here is to run as far as you can without tripping, falling in a pit or get squished by the huge monkey(yes, they’ve made it bigger and more lethal this time!). While running, it’s needed to collect coins which can be later used for upgrading the abilities. You may also collect a power-up while going for a run, which helps you in several different ways. The library of power-ups is bigger and more versatile than before, which range from some of