HTC Sense 5 revealed in leaked screenshots, reveals a noticiably ligher interface



Out of all Android manufacturers HTC may be regarded by some as being one of the most terrible especially when it comes down to their custom cumbersome & resource hoggy Sense UI which sits on-top of Android. Well, that is about to change with the introduction of HTC Sense 5 – The next big evolution of HTC‘s UI.


The UI for the major part went under a radical metamorphosis in such a way that the final results finally reflects the aesthetic features of the smartphone (the first one being the M7), HTC is willing to plug all the holes that flawed previous versions of Sense by ditching most of the redundant interface elements starting right off with putting emphasis on typefaces and 2D iconography rather than packing more & more eye candy and animations (like seen on the One X for example). Most of the icons were flattened and adapted to higher-resolution screens.

Other than that we’ll be seeing quite a lot of minimalistic elements being thrown in, mostly monochrome content in the homscreen itself. Sense 5 is set to be introduced altogether with the long rumored HTC M7 some time during the events of MWC2013.

via Android Community