HTC M7 real images begin to surface?


HTC M7 real images

Previously we brought you an image of  the HTC M7, not knowing if it was real of fake. Some other news site pointed out that it was most likely not real. The icons didn’t look like HTC icons, but they could also be the new icons in Sense 5.0.

The design looked like the HTC X8 (Windows Phone 8 Tiles), but although HTC uses almost the same design for every phone, but keeping the design of Android and Windows Phone devices apart would make sense. But there were some strange things in the picture. There seems to be no front cam, and the home and recent apps buttons were switched too, which doesn’t really make any sense, why would HTC do that?

Now there are  new pictures, which are way more believable than the last one. These are taken with a phone, and the device seems the real deal. The buttons have actually swapped, there is a front cam on the device, and it looks more like the DROID DNA/Butterfly. The back of the device is interesting too. The shiny chrome HTC logo has changed to a glossy black one, and the Beats Audio logo has no text. There is no FCC logo or other stuff on the back, which probably means that this isn’t the final device.

Screenshots from the device show a protected Android and HTC Sense version, and HTC SDK API level 5.11, an unknown version at the moment, which might mean a new version of HTC Sense.

We hope to see more leaks about this device very soon, and we’ll keep you updated.