Samsung Rumored to Show Off a Full HD 8 inch Galaxy Tablet at MWC 2013



Yesterday we had a story about the 8-inch Samsung Galaxy Note N5100 tablet Samsung is going to announce at MWC 2013. Now we got a word on another 8-incher by Samsung that could make an appearance at MWC, but this one takes the glory with its FullHD display.

We don’t have much info backing this rumor up, hence, it may even turn out that we are talking about the same device we did yesterday. The only contradictory part here is the screen resolution, and that’s the main reason why this device might even be the next-gen Galaxy Tab. MWC 2013 is only a month away, so we’ll have time to cool our brains from the rumor storm and prepare for the official announcement.

Source: SammyHub