Google Nexus 4 charging orb to be available from February



It has already been said over and over again: the wireless charger Google seems to have in mind for the Nexus 4 looks very similar to the Touch Stone wireless charger Palm used to ship it’s Palm Pre+ with in the old days back in 2010. The charging orb now has emerged on the website of a Norwegian retailer.

The pictures could very well be renderings, but it all looks nice. I never had a Palm Pre, but did have a Palm Tungsten T3 though, which had a cradle. And I bought my Nexus One because of the fact it has a cradle (and a car dock). It’s always nice to have accessories fitting your device.

The price listed is 739 Nkr, which is approx. €89 / $110. Not very cheap for an accessory. In different old days, the desktop charger for the Nexus One did $45. The charger will available somewhere February 2013. Maybe MWC will bring more news.