Daily Android App: APP Lock



APP Lock is a simple, but powerful utility that takes the security of your phone to a whole new level. It is a very useful application that lets you protect your installed apps with a password and therefore restrict anyone from accessing them without permission.

APP Lock works on a very simple principle: at first it’s just needed a password or pattern to be set up and then the app will do it’s thing. Further, you only have to specify which apps are secured and which aren’t, and that is an even simpler task than the one above: it can be only done with a simple swipe of a switch. And, when anyone tries opening a protected app, the first thing he’ll see will be probably a code or pattern request by APP Lock. If, by any circumstance, you happen to forget your password or pattern, they can be reset with a minimal effort by clicking on the respective text and entering the answer of the security question that’s formed by the user himself.


APP Lock offers a great user interface that has charmed us with its simplicity. There are two tabs at the main screen: general and advanced. The first one shows all of the installed apps and from there the protection can be set for the same. On the other hand, the second, advanced tab presents you with a couple of additional protection measures, including Google Play Store protection, prevention of installing and uninstalling apps without the access code etc.