Daily Android App: UC Browser For Android



UC Browser for Android is another browser alternative for your Android device. It provides a fast browsing experience and some awesome new tricks that will make the traditional web browsing an even more seamless experience.

This browser is mainly serves as a great alternative of the ┬ámore popular ones, such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera etc., but is in no means less powerful. In fact, it’s one of the fastest browsers we’ve ever seen on an Android device. Pages are rendered in an instant and once the content is rendered, it stays that way with no reloads whatsoever. Although there is a certain amount of choppiness when scroling through the sites, it’s not a big deal and the overall speed does indeed make up for that. It’s also satisfying to see that websites are rendered very correctly without the content being distorted and out of its place.


The user interface is nice, clean and user-friendly.