Daily Android App: Astrid Tasks & To-do List



It’s a new year, and as is the custom, people make New Year Resolutions. Many people make resolution’s to loose weight, get fit and keep organised. I made one of these; to be more organised. So I started to research ToDo apps in the Google Play store. I found many, so decided to make an app showdown, pitting each against each other.

To do this (no pun intended), I chose several criteria I wanted from the app:

  1. An attractive and easy to use interface. This may seem silly, but a boring or dull interface isn’t going to make me want to use the app, so if it’s attractive, I will be more likely to use it. Ease of use is also a must. I don’t want to take five minutes to add a task.
  2. Cloud synching/online backup. The last thing I want is to loose all my tasks if I loose my phone.
  3. Compatible with third party apps or have a desktop program. In this day, people use more than one device to access their email, texts and twitter feeds. ToDo’s, to be useful, should be the same. We’ve all had that moment when we think of something but don’t have our todo list to hand.
  4. Free to use. I don’t want to be paying a monthly subscription to have to use a service. Ideally, I’d like the app to be free too, or at least a reasonable price (under £2.00/$3/€2.50)
  5. collaborative lists. Living with a young family with lots of appointments and tasks to complete, collaborative lists are a useful feature. My wife can make a list of chores she wants me to do and they will alert me when they need doing. If she texts me, tells me over the phone or first thing, I can guarantee I will forget before I put the phone down. With an app on my ph