Clean Widgets For Android Receives Big Update, Gets a New Makeup And Improved Functionality



Clean Widgets is a set of different home screen widgets that will let you customize your Android phone or tablet and make it really standout among the crowd. With its collection of beautiful and useful minimalistic clocks, toggles and battery meters, this app could transform a crowded space of icons into a cleaner, more organized environment. But, just recently, Clean Widgets has received its most important update yet. The update pushes the app version to 3.0 and adds some drastic improvements. Lets start with the appearance of the widgets themselves. It’s pretty obvious that all of them received a massive makeover and now blend into Android‘s Holo user interface even more successfully. The developer has been also kind enough to keep the old skins as alternatives. There are also new color options for some of the icons, which is also a nice touch. Other improvements include the new live configuration screens, the option for the widgets to be resized(requires Android 3.1 and above), decrease in file size and some more bug fixes.

If you are still not convinced of getting your hands on this widgets, please consider visiting the developer‘s official web site for more info. Or, if you just can not wait to try these out, Clean Widgets is available on the Google Play Store for $1.99.