Tapatalk HD app for Android tablets leaves beta


taoatalk hd

Tapatalk HD is probably the best app specifically built for Android tablets which gives you full tablet experience on forums in a split view, plus other UI enhancements to fit any 7 inch screen or larger. I’ve been using it for over a week while still was in beta version and I have to tell you that I am astonished how well it performs.

Today Quoord Systems Limited (developer of the app) has removed Tapatalk HD beta flag and now the app is available for 0.99 cents on the first day only (after leaving beta stage) on Google Play store. It will sell for $3.99 or $4.99 afterwards.


  • New – Gallery view on bigger forums, discover new discussions by photos
  • New – Push Notification – instant notification of subscribed topics, private messages, likes received, mentioned, and more!
  • Portrait and Landscape view optimized
  • Dark and Light Mode
  • Forum Moderation – stick, open, close, delete, ban and more
  • Dark and Light themes