Samsung Galaxy S4 Could Launch With a 4.99 Inch Full HD AMOLED Screen


samsung galaxy s IV concept design s pen

Some very interesting information has come from our sources recently and, among other less important rumors, there has been a word saying that this year’s Samsung flagship, the Galaxy S4 could sport a 4.99 inch next-gen AMOLED screen of Full HD resolution.

The rumor is very plausible according to us, because such a panel of the same type and resolution has been seen at CES 2013 among the other concept screens featured by Samsung. Apparently, it would be made of a new material that would guarantee 25% less power consumption. That’s not bad to start with at all, because even today’s Samsung SuperAMOLED screens are very efficient. However, it’s still unknown what type of matrix the screen will use, whether a traditional RGB matrix or the disturbing Pentile matrix that is present in nearly all of Samsung’s AMOLED panels out there. But, keeping in mind that the screen will have a huge pixel density of roughly 440ppi, the matrix is probably not a thing you should be concerned about.