Pantech Perception Android Smartphone for Verizon Leaks


pantech perceptionCES 2013 may be getting to its end, but that doesn’t mean the fun stops there. In fact, we have quite an interesting leak to talk about. A press shot of an upcoming Verizon smartphone flew by our office, dubbed Pantech Perception.

To give you a better perception¬†of this smartphone, we’ll begin with the specs. Beginning with the screen, it’s a 720p one, probably 4,8-inch. It also packs a 1,5GHz Snapdragon S4 processor, which gives quite a punch. The Perception is similar to the recently announced Pantech Discover for AT&T, sans the carrier branding.

Verizon Wireless will offer this smartphone for $50 on-contract, starting Q1 2013.

Source: PocketNow