Android 4.2.2 found running on the Nexus 4 in Brazil and Malaysia



Android 4.2, the latest version of Android is seeing another minor build – 4.2.2, which is shipping with new Nexus 4 devices out of the box. This little update bears no changelog for the time being but it’s likely a small maintenance update which fixes minor issues.

A Brazilian Nexus 4 emerged with Android 4.2.2 up and running, this device appears to be just one among a whole batch being produce in LG‘s factory in Taubaté, Brazil today, this same batch is supposedly heading towards retail points & carriers so we’re expecting Google to unveil it officially soon.

Additionally the same build popped up in Malaysia and is already being shipped out on several non-local devices according to community site The build itself isn’t a mainstream update but and were unable to find anything significantly new on the latest build. Additionally the build number of the Nexus 4 running 4.2.2 could not be found online. The conclusion to this is that it is a developer device because the build number includes the words “dev-keys”.