I’m watch running i’m Droid 2 OS and I’m here GPS tracker officially announced at CES 2013



As we reported earlier, Italian company I’m has brought their invention the ‘I’m watch‘ to CES, along with a new GPS product, the ‘I’m here’. The I’m watch is a smart watch with a special flavour of Android: I’m Droid 2. The software has features like i’m cloud, i’music to listen to music, i’mages to take photos, i’market to download apps, SmartTethering to connect to your phone, SMS, and even a speakerphone (note, SMS and phone are only available when connected to a phone). It requires Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or newer on your phone to work. There are various models available, the cheapest one is $389/€349.

im here-gps-tracker

The i’m here is a GPS tracker, with a simcard to connect to the network locate the i’m here, and it can even make emergency calls. the i’m here comes in 7 different colors and is $168/€129.

To buy the i’m watch or place a reservation for the i’m here, head over the the site here