Panorama Note for LG Optimus Vu II unveiled


panorama note lg optimus vu

LG has unveiled a new feature for the Optimus Vu II: Parorama Note. This allows users to draw and write notes with a 3:1 ratio. It can zoom up to 5.8 times, and has easy navigation with horizontal and vertical cursor and a map showing your location in the viewed image.

LG‘s CEO Jong-seok park said that to differentiate from others LG will even release more features this year, taking advantage of the phone‘s hardware.

Panorama Note is just one of many user experience features that LG will be introducing this year to differentiate our mobile devices,”

“Our UX features will be deeply integrated with our devices to take advantage of the smartphones’ specific hardware. The battle of smartphone specs will continue but we’re going to take the competition to the next level.”