Lenovo IdeaPhone K900, First Phablet With Next-Gen Intel Atom Processor


lenovo k900 android jellybean

While the goal of practically any manufacturer was to put the dreamy Snapdragon S4 Pro processor into their smartphones, or even their own chipset (read: Samsung, Huawei), Lenovo is trying with something different. Enter the Lenovo IdeaPhone K900, the first phablet with the next-generation Intel Atom processor!

Lenovo has announced the K900 half a day before at CES. It’s a proper flagship by any means, whether it will be specs or design. The design is particularly impressive, something we haven’t seen in a while. It has a stainless steel-built unibody that will please anybody out there, as we haven’t seen a metal smartphone for quite some time. At only 6,9mm thickness, there’s no room for complains either. The smartphone tips at 169g weight, which is acceptable for a phablet by today’s standards. The camera blends seamlessly into the back of the K900, which adds to the design and feel of the device.