Daily Android App: Launch Simply (run apps with just a simple gesture)



There were days when mobile can be operated utilizing physical keyboards and now we pretty much moved to an era of touch keys. With Launch Simply now you don’t need to type to open your apps, just move your hands and your mobile will come to know which app you want to open and this app does it for you.

Launch Simply is a very nice app developed by Prayer App defining the new way to interact with Android mobile devices and apps. Launch Simply allows users to launch the camera app, music and messages (SMS) much faster and easier just by holding your device in your hand and moving it as instructed.  It will also work while your mobile screen is locked.

The overall simplicity of this app makes it easy to use for anyone, but if you don’t perform the gestures properly, it can open unwanted apps too. Hopefully developers of Launch Simply will work to fix this small  issue and maybe add the option to implement your own gestures to open even more apps.

Get it from Google Play store, the app is free.