Intel Unveils Entry-Level Atom Z2420 Processor



Up to now, only a handful of high-end and mid-range devices have been carrying the “Intel Inside” logo on the back with glory. From now on, entry-leveled smartphones will have that opportunity too, as Intel has showcased its new Intel Atom Z2420 mobile processor intended for the budget devices at CES.

Intel Atom Z2420 has a 1,2GHz core ticking inside, enabled with hyper-threading, resulting with great multitasking capabilities. As the phones which would feature this chipset will be a replacement for the feature phones, the Atom Z2420 supports dual-SIM deployment, as well as microSD card slot and FM radio, which are some of the features that are taken for granted in feature phones. The smartphones powered by this chip will run on Android OS.

Intel is looking forward to spreading its market share among smartphone customers, and this is a great example of that. Targeting a new segment that has the most potential buyers, Intel is on the right track to take the lead as the most widely-spread mobile chipset maker.