Daily Android Game: Trial Xtreme 3



When Trial Xtreme launched back in the day, it was a massive success among the masses. It was then succeeded by Trial Xtreme 2 and its winter variant, both highly enjoyable. Now, it’s time for another successor and the developers of Deemedya m.s. ltd.  delivered it. It’s called Trial Xtreme 3, and its goal is to be the best there is in the adequate category.

Trial Xtreme 3 is a side-scrolling motor game, where the main goal is to beat all of the levels by traveling from the start to the finish point while collecting all of the stars and keeping track of the timer. It’s a little bit overused concept, but this game is supposed to push the limits even higher than its predecessors. Whether it will or will not succeed, only time will tell, but we sure know our hopes are high for this one.


The gaming system is a little bit different than of the previous sequel. In order to progress, you earn stars, unlock new levels and collect money for buying new motorbikes and customizations. The variety of available customizations is big. It is possible to customize both your driver and your bike by changing the liveries of the bike, buying your driver new helmets and outfits and, of course, buying new bikes with improved specs. There aren’t many bikes, only three are currently present, but it’s still a welcome feature to have.