HTC Sense 5 Leaks in Blurry Screenshots, HTC M7 Gets Pictured?



Hours before the opening of HTC‘s booth, we have screenshots of HTC Sense 5 UI, which will be probably featured in the next flagship of the Taiwanese manufacturer. They are blurry and not of good quality, but they serve well enough for unofficial leaks. On the above picture, you can see the new HTC lockscreen. The first thing you’ll notice is the absence of the lock ring. Instead, you get a digital clock and weather information. You do still get the quick launch shortcuts though.


Here’s a snap of the new settings app. It’s quite similar to what we have on Sense 4, only subtle differences tell them apart. But again, there’s nothing more you can do with an app such as the system settings.

And last, but not least, we have an image of the upcoming HTC M7. Nothing is official yet, so take it with a slightly bigger pinch of salt than usual. It’s not hard to notice that the smartphone on the picture takes a design cue or two from the One X.