Daily Android Game: Blosics HD



Blosics HD is a puzzle game, where with the help of the given balls you need to get rid of all of the block on the screen. It has a nice new concept, true life-like physics and enough eye candy to keep everyone satisfied for quite a while.


The objective is to shoot all of the structures out of the screen with the given balls, which can be of several types. The arsenal of balls is big enough: there are small ones, large balls, several balls combined together as well as some ones that sport unique special abilities. Balls can be obtained by collecting a certain number of stars that are collected by beating the levels, but we will discuss that later.


Lets talk more about the gameplay. When it’s put simply, there are some blocks arranged differently on the screen and a bubble from which the balls can be shot. There are two control modes for shooting the balls, so there’s also certain freedom of choice, limited but it is present. To use a ball, it’s needed to spend some points, so you better choose wisely depending on the size and count of the blocks. Also, the more points you collect, the more stars you will get. Some levels even offer you challenges that are often trickier to accomplish.