Corning introduces Gorilla Glass 3 ahead of CES 2013


corning gorilla glass 3 technology

A year ago, Corning introduced the much-hyped Gorilla Glass 2 to the world. Although the second-generation protective glass is one of the toughest, its time for retirement has come, as Corning is about to unveil the next generation of Gorilla Glass, the Gorilla Glass 3. It will happen at CES 2013, which is only a three days away from now, meaning it won’t take long for your eyesight to land on the new toughened glass by Corning.

What’s so special about the Gorilla Glass 3 is that it’s slimmer, lighter, more resistant to scratches and tougher than its predecessor. It absorbs scratches better, with reduced degradation of the strength of the glass.

We expect to see the Gorilla Glass 3 on smartphones and tablets near us later this year. In the meantime, enjoy this awesome video Corning has prepared for you along with an interview with Robert Quinn, manger, End Market Intelligence:

source: Corning