Samsung GALAXY S IV prototype render leaks?


Samsung Galaxy S IV prototype image

We heard all sort of weird rumors about the future GALAXY S smartphone by Samsung, like it will not be using 4 or IV numbering in the name scheme because of a local (Korean) superstition similar to what number 13 means for other cultures (brings bad luck) or that it will feature a Full HD screen (which is more plausible) or an S Pen like the GALAXY Note series.

Folks at SamMobile claim that they have received from ‘a trusted source’ within Samsung Electronics a press render of a Samsung GALAXY S IV prototype (see image above). We pretty much doubt that this is real, or it could be just a sketch made by someone who is working for Samsung. Their source gave them the render but nothing about GALAXY S4’s hardware specs, however according to all the rumors put together, the upcoming Samsung flagship phone should feature:

So what do you folks think? Is it for real?

source SamMobile