Google Nexus 7 Official Dock Available on January 10th?


google nexus 7 tablet dock

From the launch of the Nexus 7, Google and Asus promised to release docking accessory for the popular 7-inch tablet. They haven’t said any launch date, but it looks like the date is already marked on the calendar. The B&H online store has recently added the Nexus 7 as an expected item, predicting the date January 10th 2013 as the date of arrival. From then, you will be able to buy the docking accessory for $39.99, shipping cost excluded.

The Nexus 7 docks features a microUSB port for charging your beloved tablet, and a 3,5mm headphone jack for audio output. It has the ‘Nexus’ logo embedded on the front side, so everyone knows there’s a Nexus around.

Source: B&H