Android Jelly Bean gains momentum as Gingerbread falters



We’ve seen quite a lot last year, from ICS taking off like a rocket to the slow and steady adoption rates of Jelly Bean while Gingerbread still grew in number. However it seems the trend will be rather different this year especially with Android Jelly Bean taking the hot spot! Both Jelly Bean versions (4.1 & 4.2) have finally passed 10% of the droid’s pie, while Android 4.0 ICS is nearing the 30% mark. And we’re finally seeing Gingerbread on the sloppy side, falling below 50% while Android 2.2 Froyo has slipped under the 10% mark.

This comes to no surprise, low end Gingerbread phones have long been superseded by devices running ICS and major manufacturers like Samsung & HTC have started to roll out their respective Android 4.1 updates. 10.2% of Android users are now using Jelly Bean while 29.1% are using ICS. Gingerbread still dominates with a staggering 47.6% but is still falling back as users are upgrading and buying newer devices preloaded with ICS and JB.


The data collected during the 2 week period indicates that more Android users are finally on Jelly Bean and ICS, which of course means less users are on older versions of Google’s mobile operating system. It looks like things have moved along very nicely. While Android 4.2 has barely budged (up just 0.4%), from 0.8% to 1.2%, Android 4.1 has gained a solid 3.1% (from 5.9% to 9.0%). Android 4.0 meanwhile has moved up 1.6% (from 27.5% to 29.1%). Android 4.2 hasn’t really been a mainstream yet due to the fact that no Android 4.2 devices were released (other than the Nexus line). However we could see a drastic increase in the upcoming months when Samsung, HTC, Sony and others roll out their Android 4.2 updates.

Source Android Daskboard