Samsung GT-B7810 Android Smartphone Pictures Outed Via FCC



If you remember closely, back in August 2012, a low-end Samsung smartphone with a portrait QWERTY keyboard, know by the codename GT-B7810 passed FCC testing. Samsung has made a short-term agreement with FCC the smartphone not to be leaked, and it looks like the deal has come to and end, because pictures of the smartphone have just left the FCC headquarter.

The Samsung GT-B7810 takes the design cues of the Samsung Galaxy S3, with hyperglazed plastic on the front. It packs a HVGA display, portrait QWERTY keyboard, Android 4.0.4, Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi, 3G, microSD card slot, and a 1200mAh battery.

We don’t know when will the Samsung GT-B7810 see daylight, or whether it will actually live on to hit the shelves. We guess it’s only a matter of time before we hear something more about the device. Oh, and there’s always a possibility Samsung will showcase this smartphone at CES 2013.

Source: SammyHub