New tool: Backup your data with Android App Backup Alpha (doesnt need root)


Android developer Koushik Dutta (Koush) is commonly known for ROM Manager, the app that you can se to manage your recoveries and ROMs on a rooted Android device. Besides ROM Manager Koush has written apps like DeskSMS, which let’s you send text messages from your PC or tablet, ClockworkMod Tether, an USB and some more. Now he’s writing an app to backup apps and data. Do we need it?

When it comes to backup apps and data, in most cases yo will need to be rooted. Titanium Backup, the best known Android backup utility, requires root for example. There are other ways, using ADB commands, but than you will have the skills to use the Android SDK. Koush is writing an app that doesn’t require root. When he’s finished working on it, Backup will be available for all Android users. It’s still a “super ultra alpha” version, as he calls it. For now, is has just app backup and restore to and from a computer. Cloud backup and sync is to be implemented next. You can try the ‘super ultra alpha’ via the link on his G+ post on his progress. Do read the whole post before proceeding. When you’re interested, keep your eyes open and follow Koush’s steps one by one.