The elegant 4.7 UMEOX A936 Android smartphone


umeoX Android smartphone back

Not everything that comes from China has to be poorly crafted, cheap and/or ugly. Take the UMEOX A936 brand for example and its beautifully crafted Android smartphone designs. The latest 4.7 inch device although it isnt packing high-class hardware specs it comes wrapped up in a gorgeous shell case. The attention given to the details is “outrageous.”

The UMEOX A936 comes with a 4.7 inch SHARP-made display, it has a 1280x720p screen resolution, powered by a dual-core processor clocked at 1GHz with 1GB of RAM, 4GB internal storage expandable for up to 64GB via a microSD card slot, 8MP rear-facing camera and a 3MP front-facing camera.