Daily Android App: Mobi Calculator



Mobi Calculator is a cool new calculator that’s very suitable for all-around use, but powerful enough to serve as a complex scientific calculator. It is a great upgrade for Android‘s very basic stock calculator and is surely one of the simplest and most useful ones of them all.

Mobi Calculator offers a very simple and smart user interface, with big keys and emphasized characters. Pressing them is not a problem at all, it’s nearly impossible to miss a button. All of the buttons are placed in two different groups that can be accessed with a tap of a single button. The first and main group consists of the number buttons themselves, some very simple operations, such as addition, division etc., and some other main characters, such as small brackets. The other group, however, is full of some more complex operations, for example, sin, cos, exponent, root etc. All of these can be combined in a complex equation that Mobi Calculator will be absolutely capable to solve.