Alcatel One Touch T10 tablet review


Alcatel as a brand is most common known by its budget bulk phones. The company behind these phones was in fact Alcatel Lucent, a large telecom manufacturer. In 2006, the mobile phone department has gone independent as Alcatel One touch. TLC is now the company behind the production. Alcatel One Touch has been growing towards low range Android powered phones and tablets since. The OT T10 for example is a 7 inch tablet running Android 4.0 ICS and costs only €120. So, what is the value, considering it as a gift for the Holidays?



The package looks nice and promising.The OT T10 itself feels solid. It’s not very large, but not light weight either. Because of the fact the tablet hasn’t very rounded edges at the back, you can’t really hold it, it lies in your hand. It’s more comfortable to hold a tablet at the edges and the bevel. The back of the OT T10 is made from a sort of grip material. The dots are only decoration, the have no function, what causes the back to be a little slippery.
Both the power button seem not logically placed, or, well, may be Alcatel should be given the front a more distinguish orientation. The moment you want to press the power button, you keep turning the tablet till you’ve found the right position, even after a certain period of use. All these seem to be minor points, but they define a general impression.


The OT T10 has a 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor and 1GB of RAM. This should be enough, but the T10 doesn’t run smooth. To keep the OT T10 affordable, Alcatel has provided in a 800×480 TFT screen, which isn’t good. It’s not sharp and way too bright most of the time. Because of the fact it has no sensor, the brightness can’t be adjusted automatically. So, one time the screen is too bright, the other time the screen is not bright enough. First thing I added to the home screen was a brightness slider widget.



The OT T10 runs Android 4.0.3 ICS in a very stock edition. Alcatel added just a few apps, a music app and for some reason several Explorer apps; the tablet is meant to be a multimedia tablet, so, you might be in need looking after your files. It has Play Store access, so you can add your own apps to enjoy the multi media experience. The 4GB internal storage leaves you 2.63GB for apps. The external Micro SD slot can be used up to 32GB for media and more.


The OT T10 is priced at about €120, which is approx. $145. That’s half the price of a Nexus 7, the tablet all Android geeks want. May be I’m a geek too much for the OT T10, reading my own review, though I’m used to this kind of devices. But when you’re not an Android insider and you want a cheap and small tablet, this could very well be a good choice. When you have no reference, you won’t notice it’s laggy and the screen will just be sufficient. When it comes to priorities, there certainly is a market for the OT T10.