Jelly Bean 4.1.2 & Galaxy Note Premium Suite announced by Samsung



The flagship Samsung devices are literally enjoying a tasty Jelly Bean (4.1) essence of full Android however one may already forget the original Galaxy Note, the first device that truly immerse the world into a dynasty of phablet devices, while it had its glory and age of success it was gradually pushed backwards due to the aging hardware & software, having only revived an Ice Cream Sandwich update.

Yet Samsung never fails to dissapoint us with their usual favors towards their once best selling devices. Yes, indeed the original Galaxy Note is amazingly eligible for a fully fledged Jelly Bean update preloaded with a lot of goodies. That very well includes a pack of Note-Exclusive features that we previously saw on the Galaxy Note 2. The new update will be based on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean and will bring the Project Butter smoothness and Google Now assistant.


The new TouchWiz Nature UI, Popup-Play, MultiView , Video and Browser apps, handwriting support in the S Planner and Email, enhanced S Note app, Photo Note, Easy Clip, Paper Artist are among the promised features. As usual no official release dates were announced but it should well be around the same time at which the Galaxy SII shall receive it&